Klapper Barrel

A Speakeasy of Eorzea located at
(Behemoth Shirogane Ward 20 Subdivision Plot 38)
Please no Minions or Weapons (18+Rp/Non-Rp Friendly)
Ask about the gamba XD


1.Please no Minions or Weapons
2.ERP is to stay in Private Messages
3.Please DO NOT spam emotes in chat
4.All staff members will have a green flag icon while working.


8,000 GIL
Sex in the Driveway
Red Wine
Peach Chevy
Long Island Tea
Bloody Mary
Purple People Eater Cocktail

5,000 GIL
Espresso con Panna
Hot Chocolate
Orange Juice

4,500 GIL
Aldgoat Steak
Blood Tomato Salad
Cockatrice Meatballs
Black Truffle Risotto
Deep-fried Okeanis
Chicken Fettuccine

About Us

The KlapperBarrel is a Speakeasy that has a Library upstairs for all to appreciate, and a bar downstairs for the more adventurous type. So come on down and enjoy the people as well as the environment. It is a safe place to relax and speak freely.

Mr. Sydvishous Buutyklap himself! The owner of The Klapper Barrel and man to beat in dice rolls! Come and try your luck! Who knows, maybe you can steal all his gil! XD

Veis Chrono ~ Server Extraordinaire! This elusive bunny is always willing to lend a hand, hand out a drink, and make sure you're served with a smile

Nilou Meliora ~ the helping Bard. Quiet most times but plays fluently